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Cross-Media Personalized Marketing 

Featuring Highly Personalized and Relevant Content

Integrated web, print and email will allow you to collect more customer data for use in the next stage of your marketing campaign, track responses and learn which media is most likely to get a response from each contact for more successful and cost-effective follow-ups.

Increase the relevancy of your document by personalizing the combination of visuals, too. The possibilities are unlimited!  You have the power to create eye-catching visuals and personalized images tailored to your customer!

Direct Mail, Email and Personalized Web - Personalized direct mail or email can drive prospects to your website, where you can verify and collect information to enrich your database.  Send follow-up emails or printed, direct mail pieces containing relevant, personalized information.  Insure consistency in messaging and visuals throughout all media for each individual recipient.

Tracking Responses - Your direct mail or email includes a unique, personalized URL for each recipient that drives your prospect to a personal landing page.  A record is kept of the visit(s), collecting valuable information on the individual's behavior in real-time.

Get Personal, Get Relevant, Get Results


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