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Personalized URLs

Track, Analyze and Refine your Data Reducing Marketing Costs

One challenge of traditional marketing campaigns is the inability to identify how many recipients have visited a website but never made follow-up contact.  These potential customers would remain anonymous without a method to gain their interest.  A personalized URL (personalized website address) will allow a customer to visit a customized landing page and simultaneously be monitored in real time as they view your website.  Follow-up communication will be automatic and personalized to each individual.

  • Personal URLs - Invite each mail recipient to their own custom web page experience
  • Track - Who is responding to your marketing activities with real-time monitoring of your campaign allowing you to respond immediately
  • Analyze - Measure the strength of your campaign by gaining immediate insight into the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Refine - Use your findings to improve future campaigns saving time and money





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